• Jumanji Movie Casts

    Jumanji is a movie directed by Joe Johnson, and starring lots of amazing actors and actresses among them the comedic legends Robin Williams and Jonathan Hyde. It’s about four players who are trying to beat a malicious game that is out to destroy anyone who plays it. The film opens in the year 1869 as a sturdy chest get buried in the woods. Then flash forward to 1969, a young boy named Alan (Adam Hann-Byrd) finds the chest and brings it home to play with his friend Sarah Whittle (Laura Bell Bundy). When the boy rolls the dice, the game communicates with supernatural powers and the young Alan is attacked by bats. Young Alan’s father Sam Parrish is played by Jonathan Hyde.

    Many years later, two other kids; Peter (Bradley Pierce) and Judy (Kirsten Dunst); find the game in an old mansion (the same mansion the young Alan disappeared in) and they play it too. Robin Williams plays the older Alan Parrish. He materializes when Judy and Peter plays the game. As the older Alan, has been in limbo since he played the game as a child some years back. Here is a list of other casts;

    • Robin Williams- Alan Parrish
    • Jonathan Hyde- Van Pelt/Sam Parrish
    • Kirsten Dunst- Judy Shepherd
    • Bradley Pierce- Peter Shepherd
    • James Handy as Exterminator
    • Bonnie Hunt- Sarah Whittle
    • David Alan Grier- Carl Bentley
    • Patricia Clarkson- Carol Parrish
    • Adam Hann-Byrd- Young Alan
    • Laura Bell Bundy- Young Sara