• Van Pelt Jumanji

    Van Pelt is the main antagonist played by Jonathan Hyde in the 1995 fantasy film. He is the hunter who resides within the cursed game. Van Pelt wears a hunters’ uniform with a pith helmet. He is first introduced in the film when Alan turns on Jumanji and the hunter is released consequently. He begins to chase Alan, hunting him down because the little boy released him from the game (which is part of the rules). Another reason why Van Pelt is chasing down Alan is because the little boy is not “man enough” to face him.

    After running out of bullets, the villain visits a gun shop to switch his old gun with a sniper because his previous gun no longer exists in the current world, hence no bullets for it can be found. He then tries to shoot the little boy from a distance but he is arrested by a police officer who coincidentally was his childhood friend. Van Pelt then resorts to chasing after Sarah and the other kids just so that he could steal the game with the intention of expecting Alan to come for it from him. His plan is foiled by Peter, again. The next time we see Van Pelt is at the film’s climax when he hold Sarah and Alan at gunpoint when he want to throw the dice.

    This time, Alan refuses to run when Van Pelt orders him to throw the dice and to run so that he can chase him. Even though he is still scared like he was scared of Van Pelt before, Alan faces him to get over with this time