• Jumanji 2 The Movie

    We first heard speculations of a likely Jumanji remake back in 2012, but apparently it was a project that was not be. The new take of the Jumanji sequel is officially the work of Columbia Pictures. Zack Helm, known for Stranger than Fiction was hired to write the screen play in 2012 along with Matthew Tolmach as the producer. Columbia Pictures has assigned a new screenwriter, Scott Rosenberg, the work of rewriting the one started back in 2012 and Jeff Pinker as consultant. Rosenberg has a set of film credits to fill in the requirements of a Jumanji sequel screen writer. He has done remakes like Gone in 60 Seconds and book-based films. The executive producers are Ted field and Mike Weber. In August 2015, Sony Pictures Entertainment set the release date of the film as December 25, 2016.

    The remake is aimed at updating the plot for the present. Internet perception to the Jumanji 2 movie was negative and some criticized it as being unnecessary and an insult to Robin William’s death. If this remake is expected to have a heavy effect just like the original 1995 Jumanji, it needs to have considerable post production time. However, with the scheduled release date on Christmas 2016, the time span is rather short and it’s possible that Scott Rosenberg will only polish and revise Zach Helm’s existing Jumanji 2 movie script. With only about 14 months, a major rewrite might not go through.

    The original Jumanji is a 1995 American family fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Johnston. It’s an adaptation of the 1981 children’s book Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg. It starred Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Bradley Pierce and Kirsten Dunst. The Jumanji story unfolds an adventure that describes a magical board game causing jungle creatures and plants invade a normal American suburb. A twelve-year-old boy, Alan Parish, is trapped in a board game while playing with his best friend Sarah Whittle in 1969. More than twenty years later, in 1995, two siblings Judy and Peter come across the game and begin playing. They unknowingly release Alan who by then is an adult. After tracing Sarah, the four of them decide to finish the game and reverse the damage it had caused. Jumanji was the 10th biggest grossing movie of 1995 which is why it was a big success.

    The sequel of the film will still be based on a magical board game that comes to life. Two children discover it and release the man trapped in the game for more than twenty years. The supernatural power of the game will need the two children to make use of jungle forces and collaborate with the man to halt the game’s overwhelming magic.

    Jonathan Liebesman will direct the re-imaging of this 1995 fantasy adventure. As far as casting of the Jumanji 2 movie is concerned, nothing has been announced though we can speculate to have both Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt on Board for the remake. The remake is definitely impressive news but with Robin Williams gone, the reboot plans weigh slightly heavy in the hearts of many fans. A lot of media attention will be made when the Robin William’s role is re-casted. Still though, we all look forward to horrifying rhinoceros stampedes and fantasy magic on our screens to come along with the Jumanji 2 movie.