Jumanji Game Pieces and Tokens

In 1981, a popular kids book Jumanji was launched which was later turned into a movie in the year 1995. The film which has several big names such as Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, David Alan Grier, and of course Robin Williams was one of the biggest sensation of 90s. But for all the Jumanji fans, the infamous haunted Jumanji Game Pieces and Tokens on which the movie is based can now be owned by you.

This board game is the perfect way to keep a small memory of your childhood. Jumanji game has four token, out of which any one has to be chosen to commence the game. One can either choose to be a monkey which in the movie was chosen by Peter. Remember the scene in which peter confesses that he cheated in the game by stacking the dice to get the exact number he needs to end the game and was morphed into a monkey.

Second token was crocodile, crocodile which attack the entire group in the movie when the house is completely monsoon flooded. Two other tokens are that of rhino and elephant. Both the jungle giants make their make their appearance in the movie when during the process of the game hunter Van Pelt is released who confess to be hunting none other than the Rhino and giant Elephant.

The four tokens which are available for sale are perfect replica of what were used in the movie and will certainly take your back to your childhood every time you see them. Along with four tokens there are also two dice which completes all the pieces of the games.

All the parts of Jumanji Game Pieces and Tokens are hand crafted and also painted to perfection to give you a very authentic feel. These pieces of collectible are just delight to any true fan of Jumanji out there.

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