Almost every 90’s child has seen the movie Jumanji and has fond memories of it. Jumanji was an American fantasy adventure film, produced in 1995, starring Robbin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst and David Alan Grier. The plot of the movie is evolving around a board game called Jumanji, that is far from the usual board game. It seems that this game has some sort of powers or as it is said in the movie, it’s “A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind”. When someone rolls the dice, the message that is shown in the game happens in reality. When two orphaned siblings in the 90’s find the game in the attic of their new home, little did they know that starting the game would lead to an unconceivable adventure. Some of the consequences of the game were mosquito attacks, heavy monsoon rainfall, a visit from a hungry lion etc. The children are terrified, but the only way to reverse the situation is to continue playing until the end of the game. Who can help them survive? There, Robbin Williams, as Alan, comes to their rescue.

A Jumanji Board Game in Your Home?

Yes. This is now a possibility! For those who have a smile in their face when reading this small summary of the movie, there are some interesting news. An identical replica of the famous board game that starred (yes, the board was the leading role) in Jumanji movie is now available.




Do not be afraid, magic is not included. You will not turn into a monkey man, and no giant mosquitos will harm you! But imagine the surprise in your friends’ faces when they’ll see the game in your house! That’s the real magic! Other than that, it’s a totally functional game. It contains four tokens that are exact replicas of the ones in the movie and dices. As for the tokens, the African-style rhino, elephant, crocodile and monkey, they were sculpted in hand with accuracy, then covered in resin and they were hand painted for the final touch. The board game is made in a professional way that shows the creator’s talent. It is made in whole by wood, and more specifically an African mahogany wood. The artist stayed close to every detail shown in the movie. It is truly a masterpiece. Since the movie now counts more than 20 years on its back, it would be a great gift for movie fans, bringing nostalgic memories in their minds. And It seems that there are a lot of people out there dreaming of having an exact copy of this mind-blowing game in their possession since they were little children. A good idea would also be a surprise gift, hiding the game in the closer or -better- in the attic and place an Iphone next to it playing drums. “Finding” the board would be the next step, and there you have it. That’s a nice way for a Jumanji fan to star himself in the storyline of the movie. Taking into account the 5 star quality of the product, the story that is behind of this exquisite piece of art, and the feelings that it evokes to a fan, it is a real bargain for the price.

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