Jumanji Game Pieces

In 1981 Chris Van Allsburg wrote a child’s story book titled Jumanji. Most likely he was quite shocked when in 1995 his book was turned into a fantasy adventure movie by the same name. The film starred such names as Bebe Neuwirth, David Alan Grier, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, Jonathon Hyde and of course Robin Williams, may he R.I.P.

The story centers around a supernatural or possessed (you can decide for yourself) board game called, you guessed it, Jumanji. At the beginning of the story we find 12yr old best friends Alan and Sarah playing the game in 1969 and Alan is unwittingly trapped within the game.

Jump ahead 26 yrs and we discover that siblings Judy and Peter Shepherd have not only found the game but have begun to play, unknowingly about to begin the biggest adventure of their young lives.

I cannot imagine that many people have not seen this awesome movie or at the very least heard of it. And now there is a way to keep that memory and a small piece of your childhood alive as an exact replica of the board game has been made.

So now you have the opportunity to experience what Alan, Sarah, Judy and Peter did. First choose your token.

You have the choice of being the monkey. Remember when Peter admitted he attempted to cheat by stacking the dice to get the number he needed so he could reach the end? And then he morphed into a monkey? I am sure there is a lesson about cheating here.

Or you could choose to be the croc. The croc that attacked the entire group when the giant monsoon floods the house. I think I’ll sit at the other side of the table from you thanks.

The last 2 tokens to choose from are the elephant and the rhino. These jungle beasts made their appearance during one of the most action packed scenes of the movie. After Alan tricks Sarah to take her turn, man eating vines from a giant flower are released along with the hunter Van Pelt who is hunting none other than Alan and a whole stampede of animals which include the Elephant and the Rhino as well as a slew of others. Oh did I mention that Sarah isn’t quite herself after seeing her best friend sucked into a board game 26 yrs ago? I don’t think anyone would be the same after that.

The 4 animal shaped tokens are each individually and lovingly hand sculpted followed by being cast in resin which will ensure they are quire durable and then painstakingly painted to perfection.

So for the true fans out there, such as myself this is a game you are going to want to get your hands on, this exact replica of the actual Jumanji game. Even the board itself is made of genuine African Mahogany so it definitely resembles the real thing.

Just one other thing. Don’t chain up the game and throw it in the river, you never know who will find it. Hmmmm sequel?