Jumanji Board

Jumanji is a 1995 movie centered on a board game. Monkeys with evil powers, gigantic insects, jungle beasts, and some vines that produce poison darts threaten players in this film. This story is based on Chris Van Allsburg’s book about children summoning jungle animals while playing a board game. This movie revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Allan Parrish. Allan becomes trapped in this board game while playing with his friend Sarah in 1969. After 26 years, siblings Peter and Judy Shepherd living in Allan’s former house start to play this board game. As they play, they can release “Adult-Allan” who returns to the scene as Mr. Williams. As they play, the quartet resolves to finish the game with an objective of reversing all the damage it caused.

Jumanji is a kind of board game that offers some mystical powers. Anyone who starts this game must purpose to finish the game. Else, he or she will be confined to endless jungle perils. The Jumanji is a different kind of a demolition derby. It is imperative to shop for a quality Jumanji board to get the best out of this board game.

Shopping for the right Jumanji board is not always a walk in the park. A complete and fully functional Jumanji is an ideal ingredient for a thrilling experience. This artistic board is an accurate replica of the Jumanji board developed in 1965. Some Jumanji enthusiasts rank it as the best board they have seen for more than two decades from the time the movie was released. To many Jumanji movie fans, this board is like a dream come true.

What makes the board the best of its kind is the professionalism and artistic prowess injected in its design and fabrication. To produce this perfect layout, a professional woodwork artist had to set his brains into developing this board from many pictures of the actual design presented in the movie. The whole board is crafted using African mahogany wood. The separate parts of this board are then intelligently joined to each other, stained and painted.

The Jumanji board features four wooden pawns (Elephant, Monkey, Crocodile, and Rhino) and two rescue dies. The beauty of these animal symbols is that they can be used to block the paths of players. These tokens are crafted and cast using hard resin materials.

The beauty of playing Jumanji is that is that the experiences in this game are similar to those experienced in real life. In this game, there can be only one winner or no winner at all. To win you need to get to the middle of the board and shout Jumanji. Having a good time while playing this game demands a quality Jumanji board. Talk to us for a durable ad 100% functional Jumanji Board game.