Jumanji Board Game Instructions

While we can’t promise any giant bugs or evil hunters, this game guide should help you get started on playing your very own Jumanji game!

The Jumanji table game depends on the motion picture that was itself in view of a kids’ book. The look and feel of the game is intensely impacted by the stylish of the film, yet the genuine table game does not have the motion picture’s extraordinary components. Essentially move your pieces around the board and attempt to achieve the end and shout “Jumanji!” to win. This game is for 2-4 players.

Jumanji Board Game Instructions: Things You’ll Need

  • Jumanji Replica Game Board
  • Player pawns (Elephant, Rhino, Monkey, and Crocodile)
  • Salvage dices
  • Experience cards
  • Red decoder plate

Step 1

Spread the board out between all players and dole out a pawn to each. Ensure that the red decoder plate is immovably set in the focal point of the board. Every player ought to put their pawn toward the edge of the game board that matches their shading. Every player ought to additionally take one of the four salvage dice.

Step 2

Lay the heap of experience cards face down on the right half of the board in the doled out space.

Step 3

Choose which player goes first and have that individual roll the 10-sided development kick the bucket and advance their pawn the same number of spaces as managed by the roll.

Step 4

Perform one of four actions as directed by the space on which you arrive. A clear space implies you should draw and experience card and put it under the decoder ring to peruse it. The card delineates a short message, one of the things portrayed on the salvage dice and a number. All players aside from the person who moved must now roll their salvage dice at the same time subsequent to turning over the clock. In the event that every single other player can coordinate the thing on the card to their salvage dice or roll an hourglass, then all players push ahead the quantity of spaces on the card. On the off chance that alternate players neglect to “protect” the roller by coordinating the thing or moving an hourglass, the player who at first moved the development bite the dust must move back the quantity of spaces recorded on the experience card and the card is set on one of the vacant spaces in the “doomsday matrix” situated on the left half of the board.

Step 5

Move the rhino before another player on the off chance that you arrive on a rhino space. This player is not permitted to push ahead on their turn unless they roll a significantly number. An odd number means they stay set up and take after the instructions of the space by and by. On the off chance that the blocked player goes in reverse because of an experience card, the rhino moves with them and keeps on hindering their way ahead.

Step 6
Hand the development kick the bucket to the player to your left side on the off chance that you arrive on a “5 or 8” space. This player must endeavor to roll a 5 or a 8. In the event that they succeed, the turn closes. On the off chance that they don’t, move your pawn back one space and the development kick the bucket proceeds to one side and the following player endeavors to roll a 5 or a 8. This proceeds until a 5 or 8 is rolled. The individual who arrived on the “5 or 8” space does not get the opportunity to roll.

Step 7

Draw an experience card on the off chance that you arrive on a circle, or “wilderness,” space. Place it in the center under the decoder ring. All players come in at endeavor to coordinate the thing inside of as far as possible set by the clock. On the off chance that they fall flat, the card is set on the doomsday lattice and another card is drawn. This proceeds until all players coordinate the card whereupon all players propel their pieces.


Complete the game by coming to the focal point of the game board. The primary player to do this wins. On the off chance that the doomsday matrix fills before any player achieves the inside, the game closes and must be begun once again.


So now that you have a good idea how to play the game, why not get started? Pick up a hand crafted, one of a kind replica and print these instructions in order to get started on the adventure of a lifetime!