Jumanji Board Game for Sale

“In the jungle you must wait until the dice read five or eight”, reads Alan Parrish out loud before being sucked into Jumanji. His friend and playmate Sarah Whittle, completely horrified by this sight, runs out the house screaming, chased by a swarm of bats.

Authorities conduct a thorough search of the house and surroundings but little Parrish is nowhere to be found. Everyone assumes that Alan is dead but his grief stricken parents never give up hope.

Twenty six years later, siblings Judy and Peter who just moved into the Parrish house come across the Jumanji Board Game, hidden in the attic. Rolling the dice unleashes the most bizarre animals: from giant mosquitoes to crazed monkeys and a lion.

Finally Alan, now a forty-year-old man, appears after being trapped in the jungle of Jumanji for almost three decades.

A few more dice rolls from the players Alan, Sarah, Judy and Peter bring out the hunter Van Pelt, a stampede of animals, carnivorous plants and a monsoon.

The players must continue to roll those dice until the game is finished. Only then will everything return to normalcy.

Can you remember the first time you saw the movie Jumanji starring actor Robin Williams and actress Kirsten Dunst amongst others? If you grew up in the 90s, I’m pretty sure you do. Were you mesmerized by the magic and mystery surrounding the game? Would you like to have your own Jumanji Board Game? Then this is your chance!

A replica of the Jumanji Board Game is now for sale at a reasonable price. This replica is made of 100% African mahogany wood and is completely handmade. The leaves are skillfully carved on the board and painted in different shades of green. An ivory colored path makes several bends and twists around a jade colored, round, mysterious looking lens.

The game includes dices and 4 tokens shaped into an elephant, a rhino, a monkey and a crocodile, all professionally assembled and hand painted just like in the movie.

The board can be folded into a box which facilitates transportation and impedes the pieces from falling out. On the cover, the name of the game “Jumanji” is written with the depiction of a jungle, a monkey, an elephant, a rhino and hunter Van Pelt.

The rules of the game are rather simple. Roll the dice to move your token and if you throw a double you get another turn. Whoever reaches the end first, wins.

Furthermore the exciting consequences of the game will only vanish when a player has reached Jumanji and calls out its name.

Be forewarned: do not begin the game unless you intend to finish it.

The movie “Jumanji” was based on a 1981 script book by Chris van Allsberg that reportedly was created by the author due to his frustration with Monopoly. He wanted to create a board game that whenever you landed on a square, something exciting would happen.

Teleport yourself as the true adventurer that you are, in the mysterious world of Jumanji by purchasing this Jumanji Board Game today.

Are you game?